Child Safety Reflectors – Zip Pull Keyrings – Blue


  • Three (3) child safety reflectors supplied
  • 25 mm in diameter
  • High-quality reflective vinyl
  • Clip on
  • Great for school bags and coats
  • Use for running, walking, cycling
  • Free UK delivery

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Kids safety reflectors small enough to attach onto a zip without getting in the way, these zip pull keyrings are made using high-quality reflective vinyl. The size will not only help make them more visible, but it’s particularly handy for younger children to hold onto. The size will enable kids to get a better grip, letting them pull and zip up or down easily.

The vinyl used is commercial-grade, and if used on road signs and emergency vehicles. Therefore, these will help keep you or your child safe due to their high reflectivity. They are made using tough and durable materials and so will resist damage. Supplied with a split ring and a clip hook, you will have the choice of how best to attach them. The clip hooks are particularly useful for quick removal, while the split rings will be more durable.

Tough & Durable Kids Safety Reflectors

The reflective vinyl will be covered with a tough layer of Mylar. Therefore, the vinyl is protected from scuffs and scratches. Each child safety reflector is made by hand. I will cut the chosen colour vinyl by hand. Then, I will assemble them using a manually operated die. The hand-made nature will enable me to ensure each is made properly, and to a high standard.

These are ready to attach to a bag, bag-strap, hat, coat, or whatever you like. These buttons will help keep you or your child safe in low light or darkness. They show up extremely brightly when struck by a light source, such as car headlights, therefore keeping you safe.

See all items in the Safety category for other similar products. I have a range of hi vis and other safety items, suitable for kids and adults alike. You will find many suitable items to pair with these safety reflectors. These reflective items pair particularly well with fluorescent high visibility items. Combing reflective and fluorescent items will help keep you safer by making you more visible in all light conditions.

A small animated image of reflective badges showing the effect of light shining on them.

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