Custom Dice, Personalised Wooden Dice


  • Custom dice
  • Solid wooden dice
  • Personalised dice with your text
  • Activity dice, decision dice, game dice
  • Various sizes available


Do you need an unbiased way to make those important decisions?  Well, a solid wood decision dice will make light work of it for you. These solid custom dice can be used for a wide variety of situations. These are fully custom-made with any wording of your choice or image. The design is laser-engraved onto the dice, leaving a permanent mark that will not fade or peel off. These high-quality dice are perfect for making your own games, activity dice, or decision dice. These dice are not simple, cheap square-edged blocks; they have beautifully smooth faces and lovely bevelled edges like real dice do. As a result, these dice are also beautiful in their own right. The largest make a particularly lovely item.

These dice will provide a way to decide what take-away to have. Have six of your meal types or names of your favourite restaurants engraved, and keep the dice at hand for when the decision needs to be made. Therefore, those tricky decisions will be made quickly and fairly. How about deciding what to do with the kids on the weekend? Will it the cinema, or a day at the beach? It’s entirely up to you. By simply providing me with the details you want on each side, you will receive a truly custom dice.

The fully personalised nature of the dice is perfect for making your own games, be it clean or naughty. It’s your dice and so it’s your choice. I will produce your dice, and I won’t judge!

Personalised Custom Dice

The smallest dice are 30 mm on each side, therefore a little larger than regular game dice. The machine I use is capable of producing fine lines, and so quite highly detailed designs are possible. The larger 60 mm dice are particularly beautiful. And as a result, they don’t look out of place on a coffee table or side table.

All my dice are high-quality solid wood. The standard sizes are 30 mm and 60 mm. If you require another size I will produce these for you. However, this will take a little longer. I will also take hand-written elements and add them to the dice for you. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. I will always endeavor to produce exactly what you want.

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30 mm, 60 mm

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