Custom Engraved Mirror Coaster (10 cm)


  • Mirrored coaster
  • Thick and sturdy
  • Engraving on one side
  • Customise with text or even a child’s drawing
  • Alternatively, a company logo may be added
  • Great gift or wedding centrepiece


A beautifully engraved mirror coaster, engraved with a design or text of your choice. The edges are rounded smooth, and the soft feet applied to the coasters protect furniture from scuffs and scratches.  The text or design is reverse engraved on the rear of the coaster, leaving the front perfectly smooth. The engraved portions of the coaster result in a frosted glass effect, so translucent and showing the colour of the surface below.

The coasters are 10 cm in diameter and approximately 6 mm thick. They are thick and sturdy, and therefore will not scratch under normal use. The coasters boast a simple, classic design, and therefore will look right at home anywhere. These mirror coasters will readily suit any interior decor. The bevelled edge ensures that there are no sharp edges.

An engraved mirror coaster makes a great lasting gift, as well as a centrepiece for weddings. You can also use these as candle holders if you so wish, and they look truly beautiful reflecting flickering candlelight. They will also work well in hospitality settings.

Your own handwriting and even a child’s drawing can be engraved onto the coasters. However, please note that due to the nature of the material, there are some limitations. Greyscale/gradients cannot be engraved. For best results, please use solid black lines, though you can achieve detailed results. Please see details on providing hand-drawn elements to ensure that your image will be suitable. If you are unsure, once you send your image to me, I will assess it for engraving suitability.

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