Custom Initial Safety Reflective High Visibility Badge (Extra Large 58mm)


  • Upper and lower case letter design
  • Large 58 mm diameter
  • Safety hi-vis badge
  • Commercial-grade reflective vinyl
  • Plastic back that will not rust or corrode
  • One badge supplied
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Free UK delivery on this item
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These are extra-large (58 mm) badges with an upper and lower case letter design. These Hi-Vis reflective safety badges are made using only high-quality commercial-grade reflective vinyl (either 3M Scotchlite or Oralite depending on which is in stock.) These Hi-Viz badges will help keep your child safe because it makes them much more visible in low light.

The vinyl is the ultimate in hi-viz (high visibility) safety. The reflective vinyl used for these badges is high-quality and highly reflective. It is commonly used in road signs and emergency vehicle livery. These Hi-Vis reflective safety badges reflect a great deal of light, therefore making sure that you will be seen.

The badges are available in a selection of colours. You have the choice of white, yellow, orange, red, blue, green, and black. These badges are ideal to pin onto a bag, hat, or coat. The badges have a plastic back that will not rust or corrode.

The design is cut from vinyl and then given a paper backing. Black is the default backing colour for all badges, except for the black vinyl which has white backing paper. Please contact me if you would like another colour combination.

A set of Large Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Badges is a great accompaniment to this badge. They are 45 mm in diameter, so slightly smaller than this badge, but the set includes three badges, and so is excellent value. Both this item and the set of Large Hi-Vis Reflective Safety Badges are eligible for free UK delivery!

Logo - Free UK delivery on this item

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Main Colour

White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Black (reflects white)


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