Personalised Badge (Large 58mm)


  • Personalised Custom Badge
  • Large 58 mm diameter
  • Choose your own text, in your chosen colour
  • The background can also be a custom colour
  • Standard pin fastening
  • Plastic back that won’t rust or corrode
  • Special paper types available


This is a personalised badge, produced with the text of your choice. The badges have a large 58 mm diameter face, ready for your text. You can choose whatever text you like, in whichever colour you like. The large face will easily accommodate a short message, therefore still making it easily visible. Not only can you choose the text colour, but you can also choose the background colour. However, please ensure that there will be enough contrast between the colours. For example, yellow text on white backgrounds may not show up very clearly. I will print the text so that it is a large as it can be. If you require me to display the text exactly as you need it, please contact me in advance. Otherwise, I will therefore use the default positioning, displaying the text horizontally and breaking the text into lines as suitable.

Your personalised badge will be cut out and assembled by hand using a heavy-duty industrial die. The badge will be supplied with a standard pin back, though I can replace this with other types of fixings if required. Although the pin is metal, the back is plastic and so as a result, it will not rust or corrode. The print is protected by a tough mylar sheet that will resist scuffs and marks. Upon receiving your order, I will process it as quickly as possible.

Further Personalised Badge Options

Apart from the standard printing on regular stock, I will, on request, print onto different papers. Therefore, if you require me to print on dayglo paper, I will do this for you. Please note that when using other paper types, printing will usually be limited to black. I will always accommodate requests where possible. A range of other papers is available, as is a range of vinyl.

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