Pet Grooming Brush, Personalised Willow Pet Brush


  • Wooden pet grooming brush
  • Double-sided
  • Custom engraving


This is a lovely wooden pet grooming brush, made out of beautiful willow wood. This double-sided willow pet brush is the perfect brush for all hirsute dog and cat breeds and different coats. It’s an essential item to include for your pampered pet’s grooming routine. This high-quality pet brush has thick bristles on one side, and a detangling brush on the other. The detangling brush consists of a soft rubber base that holds metal prongs with round tips. The metal prongs help to gently massage your pet while detangling fur and collecting loose hair. The metal-pronged side of the brush has a flexible cushioned base which helps protect your pet from pain or discomfort. Rounded heads on the prongs will prevent your pet’s skin from being scratched.

The thick black bristles will easily get rid of loose fur, dandruff, dirt, and dust, therefore giving your pet a lovely shiny coat.

This pet grooming brush is a very versatile cleaning product for animals or pets. The brush measures 175 mm x 55 mm, and therefore the brush is perfect for cats and dogs, and even other small and medium-sized pets.

The handle has a hole for hanging that is fitted with a metal grommet. Also, the handle is perfectly sized, and it is easy, and comfortable to hold. This brush is perfect for any fur type, and short, medium, or long hair. With careful use, this brush will last you a long time. Also, your pet will enjoy being groomed with it.

A Personalised Pet Grooming Brush

I will engrave a pet’s name, or other text onto one of both sides of the handle. A single pet’s name is the most common request, but I will happily accommodate other requirements. If you have something specific in mind, please contact me in advance to discuss your project.

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